Money after Psychology

This subject will make everyone read it because everyone usually is so laser focused on how to make money in this World. How can the poor have money or make money?

Dead end jobs will never raise the poor of the World. Education, Schools or Colleges will raise the poor people. Some musicians are lucky enough to not need a College Education but at what Cost? How many poor people have become successful but at what cost? Some people never go to college, and have low paying dead end jobs that will never raise them. Some people choose to travel the World, or leave the World depending on how you look at it but at what cost? Some people go underground and hustle by any means necessary but at what cost? Die or Die trying. And for those that get a job with or without a college education, usually have to work extremely hard, barely able to enjoy what life has to offer them and it takes years for them to save up and be able to provide for themselves and their families. There is nothing simple about a simple life. The rich have a simple life but there is nothing simple about being poor. It's clearly another way for billions to make the poor feel better about their hard shitty life. Lower people ( very very poor people) have to depend on the Government assistants to help them get by. When they continue to pop up kids after kids, it does not really help. Like I said, it will take generations after generations for their family's wealth to increase.

How can poor people become wealthy without losing their heart, soul, mind, body, and their faith and their faith in Humanity. The answer is simple.

  • Win the Lottery
  • Sue a person or a company
  • Get in a relationship with a wealthy person
  • Car Accidents payout but this money is usually gone before the person receives it
  • Working for the government, you will never go hungry.
  • Inheritance money from Employer who has pass away
  • Inheritance from their hard working grandparents or if they are really really lucky than they inherit from their parents but let’s be honest if you're poor and your family is poor then this option is slim to none for 99.9% of the poor population.

It’s usually the kids that are scrambling to figure out how they will be able to afford to bury their parents and most poor people can not afford a proper funeral or burial, or how they would prefer their respectful Goodbyes from this World. And the other problem is when parents lose their Child and they are also scrambling to figure out funeral arrangements that most can not afford. That being said I would like to add that poor people attend funerals or loose people far more and far more often than rich people. Another reason that poor people have such huge hearts vs a lot of rich people having cold hearts. The poor experiences the biggest saddest thing in this world. A dead cold body from their closest friends and family, a lifeless body. 

Wait, I am not done brainstorming and if Y’all can think of anything that I haven’t mentioned please let me know because we are learning together. We already know that most can not afford the colleges that actually would provide a proper education and look great on the resume which would only make them look good and have a better chance at getting a job that would help raise them. Some people do get very lucky when they attend their community colleges and Universities but this depends where they live and what types of jobs are most popular where they live. (Town, City or Districts). And what about all those places that don't even have any form of Education where they live? These people live in poor villages, poor islands or poor communities. It's extremely hard and harder for these people to overcome their obstacles and be able to leave and go out to the World to be able to get a proper education or jobs in order to survive enough to help themselves and their families. Most never are able to make it out of where they live. If there is no money where they live, if there are no jobs where they live, how are they ever going to be able to work for money, save and get out, they can’t. Sorry people y’all never had a change, even before you came out of a Pzssy. 

Here is some good news for the poor people in your hard life (not simple, rich people stop saying this) you will find your own Luxuries. You will not find it in traveling, enjoying rich food or being able to buy all the luxuries of life. 

  • Your luxury will come in being more connected to Mother Earth. She will speak with you and you will be able to speak back to HER. The rest of the World will struggle a lot with this part. Like a sailing boat drifting far away from the land without proper tools to sail back to the Land. 
  • Laughing and smiling without faking it is a true luxury. Most rich people have to fake their smiles and laughters. This will help you be close & balanced to life and that will bring God closer to you.
  • You get a real community, most rich people say that they live in a community but it is just words coming out of their mouth. It doesn't really mean that they actually do and if they do, it will never be as luxurious as Y’all poor communities because you dont ever have to focus on the big money and rich lifestyle and the problems that come with it. You can actually focus on true community, friendship and familiship (if that is a word) and the nature around you. Most of y’all know each other by their first names or their cool nicknames given to them for a cool or funny reason.
  • Y’all attend every party to celebrate each other’s life given to y’all by God and y’all also attend every funeral and are not afraid to cry together and hold each other when it’s mostly needed.
  • Y’all faith in God, Father is stronger than most rich communities put together because with their busy and luxury lifestyle, its hard for them to even spend 5 mins praising God, imagine attending  his House to respectfully praise HIM.

Though poor communities do not have the same luxuries and problems as the rich communities, Y’all (the poor communities) have your very own luxuries so be grateful for it because you are blessed and touched by God and the whole heavenly army of Angels. You might feel invisible on Mother Earth but believe me YOU ARE NOT IN GOD’S EYES. Don’t ever let that go, even when you are lucky enough to become rich someday because that is your very own gift from God.

GOD is in the rich people and the poor people. The poor have their own blessings from God and the rich have their own blessings from God.

The major problem is JEALOUSY, Trust me. Do not envy the rich because they envy y’all (the poor) believe me. And the rich, do not envy the poor because of how close they are to God and Mother Earth. God needs all of us in our own places so we all can do our jobs to better ourselves and the World. Hopefully wherever we go after we leave Mother Earth will help us continue to do our jobs in the Universe, no matter what dimension we end up or what lifeform we take. The Universe is Infinite...Only God knows where it starts and where it ends and one thing is for sure, THE ONE AND ONLY GOD IS THE CREATOR AND CONTINUES TO BE SO.

Do not be ashamed to be poor. I know I was. Do not be ashamed to be rich. This is one of the biggest mistakes we make in life as human beings. Feeling ashamed and guilty about our life. When we are ashamed of who we are and where we are in life or where we come from, then that truly brings us down the rabbit hole, which will for sure bring more problems to your heart, soul, body, mind and OUR FAITH IN HUMANITY. A lot of people, including myself, fight against the current waves of God, Universe, Life and Mother Nature but no matter how poor or how rich WE end up, our lives will never be filled up. God and the Universe has its own plans for us all.  Some of us prefer to take one for the team (Humanity, World, Communities, Friends and Family) so the team of Life will have a better chance at life and so they themselves will have a better chance at life. My money advice is though billions tries to make y’all focus only on money just in order for y’all to turn around and spend your money on them, DON’T.

  • Do not focus on Money
  • Do not focus on Them
  • Do not focus on being part of a team that does not even want you to be part of it.
  • Do not focus on the Competitions, focus on your life.

Take a hard look around you and focus on that, your World before focusing on your own selfish dreams that the world trys to put in you while you are a stupid dumb child, so they can raise you to become one of their many soldiers, whether you know it or not, their money soldiers.

My final money advice is to focus on your Psychology before Money. Focus on your money after learning and fixing your psychology. And finally you get one life. Do not give it to the TAKERS of this World. Take control of your life and take yourself back. And whatever money you are meant to earn in this World will be earned by you. Choose the right way of earning your money and the way that will bring you against the currency of Life will never fill you up, unless you want to take one for the team.

Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2021

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