Psychology before money

A lot of Colleges that poor people can afford are not teaching them to be a shark in this World. They are only teaching Y’all how to be humble. Hello, you're already poor, that's humble enough. Poor people are the most humble people on Mother Earth.

What the billions (No I do not want to say billionaire because there a lot of amazing nice billionaires, when I say billions, I am talking about..You Know who!! Your either a good person/company or your not)

What the billions want the poor to learn is that Humble equals Poor but I think Humble can also equals Rich. I think that’s what the poor should learn. 

Y’all the first ones to talk shit about people with money and how it's the root of all evil, yet you spend your whole life worshiping these scratch tickets and hoping and wishing you had some money. If God is in everything, HE is in money too. Don’t y’all use money in your everyday life. Hello, your rent, your kids, your food, your car, your parties, how are Y’all paying for that? What, Y’all picking up rocks and using it for money at the Church collection? No,I didn’t think so because even God at Church wants your money. The Church lights have to stay on, and water bills have to get paid, and the cleaners have to get paid and someone has to buy the food. How do I say this in a very nice way? Hello Bztches, God is in money too. 

Money is not the problem, like everything else on Mother Earth, People are the problem not money. People are the problem, not guns, People. Poor People, please do not allow people to come between you and your money or between you and your wealth, or between you and life on Mother Earth. You should already be living Heaven on Earth. Look around, Mother Earth is one huge Garden of Eden, Y’all are allowing the rich people kick you out of that Garden of Eden a.k.a Mother Earth so remember it's okay to Love GOD and have money. Just STAY AWAY from the extreme habits that the World will throw at you.

So y’all go to Church on Sundays, then take care of your family, then go to work, come home again and take care of home and all stress that come with the poor life that you have to deal with. Then, all of a sudden one million dollars comes to your lap or your bank account so does that mean you are no longer humble? Does that mean you're going to hell? Does that mean God no longer loves you or accepts you? Does that mean you have to stop going to Church? And does that mean you're no longer a good person and that now you're a bad person because you now have more money in your life than your family members and friends. Are you now going to hell? Are you now no longer humble? Are you now a bad person? Why repeat myself? These are the questions that poor people ask themselves over and over again. The poor people’s psychology is so messed up to the fullest, that we wouldn’t even be surprised at most of their answers to these questions above, would we? I know that I wouldn’t be.

Poor people have the worst psychology in the World but not because of being poor or the traumas poor people face everyday, poor people have the worst psychology because of one thing and one thing only...EDUCATION.

The rich people teach each other how to get rich and stay rich. The poor people teach how to stay poor, and never become rich. This is probably the second main reason why the poor continue to stay poor and the rich continue to stay rich and get richer. When the Poor People have the right psychology EDUCATION it will another way to close THE GAP BETWEEN THE RICH AND THE POOR.

Psychology before money is what the poor need to focus on because without THE PROPER FOUNDATION, a home or a skyscraper can not stand strong for long, not even for five minutes. What I am saying is that when you are poor and then you come across money, your psychology is still messed up because of the lack of proper education about life and money so you will end up fukked over and over again. And what GOD wants his kids to stay poor, sick, and lost. What parents want that for their children?  As a parent (if you have kids), what do you want for your children on Mother Earth? Well guess what, that is what GOD would want for YOU and YOUR CHILDREN as well. And what GOD wants you to Fear him? You should respect GOD and Love HIM above everyone else and above every material thing on Mother Earth. In that your devotion for him will shine so bright to the rest of the World. 

It’s like the difference between happily Praising HIM musically or/and going to confess your sins because you're scared as shit to go to hell. Which way would make you come to God? You go to HIM because you FEAR GOD or because you LOVE GOD? Look, I am one of those people that Loves God but Confession, I just think it's best I just take some secrets straight to the heavenly Angels. Just me writing this, is a huge sin, God forgive me and my Angels please carry my prayers to God because I need all the help I can get, trust me, so I know what I would choose, but I am not you. This is your freewill life on Mother Earth, only you can choose for yourself. To fear or to Love God. To fear or to Love Life. To fear or to Love Mother Earth. To fear or to Love People.To fear or to Love Education. Knowing more will make you sad because of being poor but push through that pain and allow yourself to have what LIFE has to offer you and God is in everyone and everything, remember? You got this! What does the World show poor people the most? Money, Money, Money and it's in most Ads, music, leaders, media, outside of your door, and even in your house. Let me guess the first thing you do is pray for prosperity. That’s wrong, Y’all need to start praying for Education in psychology before money. 

Now let’s look at the rich, a lot of rich people put money first but they end up psychologically so messed up because they do not make psychology their foundation. They are rich as fukk and still poor as fukk. A lot of poor people are so much richer than a lot of rich people.

The good smart rich people that makes their psychology a #1 priority and not money and on top of it, they can also afford the best EDUCATION on Mother Earth so for that reason, they end up with a great balance of Psychology, Money, and Lifestyle.

The good poor people that really do want to work on their psychology before money, should start praying for Education in Psychology before Money, and start investing in yourself by EDUCATING yourself. You are the power, and you don't need to wait for any some type of power. When the Poor People have the right psychology EDUCATION it will also speed up THE GAP BETWEEN THE RICH AND THE POOR.

Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2021

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