Angelina's 2nd Degree: Graphic Design

Fashion, and now Graphic Design. Magna Cum Laude & Phi Theta Kappa 🤓🏅#Proud So many projects to add to my portfolio and hopefully the start of lifetime friendships. Nyc is where I want to be but Massachusetts is a priority now. I will be fine because this is home, this is who I am. I am thankful to have my Leo prince (double 🦁🦁Leo’s), we have build a life that’s perfect for us. And as far as my goals and dreams, Well I will always take steps towards it because that’s just how I do it. Gladiator but they call me Angelina.

Dear Heaven,
For the opportunity of walking on Earth, for surviving, for overcoming, for becoming, for the luxuries, and for the time with all the people I Thank Thee.
For dimming all the voices in my head so I can only hear the Angels I Thank Thee. For your forgiveness I Thank Thee. I shall never fear for who are they compare to Thee. Cheers to the Light that comes in all colors.
🖤🔥☮️🌈🌺🕯cheers to Thee ☀️.

In Lord Jesus’ name -Amen #bristol2019



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