Our birthday, double Leo(s)

Happy Birthday to us The Solomons. 
Our birthday was so amazing. We or should I say that I did exactly what I wanted. We had lunch with the familia at the Versace Villa. RIP Fashion Prince Gianni. It was a dream come true being there and we the familia there it made it extra special. Still on my bucket list is to stay here and swim in the pool. :) Thank. you God & my Angels for our blessed birthday.
At night time Jamie and I had a dinner date. I love that my birthday is the same day as Witney Huston, RIP Queen and that Jamie is also a Leo. I am already a double Leo but together does that make us a triple Leo, lol? The best part of having a birthday in August is that you feel like nothing can mess up your birthday. Its summer time, most people are happy and on vacation and as for myself, I go on birthday vacation like the Europeans. yup you guess it, the whole month is my birthday.
Angie & Jamie
The Solomon's
We in Miami Chic!!!

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