Poetry: College over Music

You don't need to ask me, I stand up whenever I want.

My mouth talks clean and dirty,

But I'm always speaking the truth.

Only time I bullshited was when I was trying to fit in with y'all.

I did better than them so they didn't let me in, Monster Land.

I took my Fur Kids, dogs & cats and went Yonce on them bitchezz.

I am not Queen B, I don't have bees buzzing around.

I am not the Queen of England, I don't need countries to run.

I’m not CardiB, I’m not going to cry like all your Baby Mamas.

Personally Nicki, is my Hip Hop Queen until she act Cardi,

Then I look the other way until she’s a Queen again, 

Personally it’s Team Tunechi for me

I already outgrew Beyonce when I saw her stand with the ratx.

I think she forgot her Worth. She put in the most Work,

why would she ever bows down to bitchex black & white.

So yes, she lost a lot of points with me.

Sorry, I ain’t sorry, Nigga hell noo

My Baby cat died, I know I can afford to have more 

but I'm still mourning Amelia, my Princess flew away

but GOD is my House, yup 

Your boss, the devil is just one of my many friends, We cool as fukk,yup

and I still can walk in the monster house whenever I Want,yup

he knows I bring the power of both, yup

Yes your boss bowed down to me, now get back to work!


Look at me, Look at me. I say what I want & do what I want.

Since most broke my heart, I decided to retire. 

I am retired, I don't need to hustle, I got money

I don't need to work, & I don't need your love, yup.

I get all the -- I want, all the food I want. My Fur Babies are so LIt.

I had one abortion in my life because that Black Cape Verdean Puzzy Azz Nigga.

I paid out of pocket for all of my Degree(s) pussy power,  

8yrs old Immigrant in the USA, Damn right I chose College over Music.

Damn right I chose The Great Solomon

over puzzy azz niggas that just kept shitted on me.

He’s the prince I asked God for, but damn his love!!!!

I feel like I live with GOD himself.

Ask my human angels, He’s money came second,

even I was surprised by how real this LOVE is.

K.West went Jesus, I said fukk him.

I’m not the church, I don't have to like you.

Your not God, your kids are not saints

All that power, fame, & money your still getting a divorce

And I don't see you living in ChiTown, stand up for them Mr. Hollywood.

I don't see me waving no flags, the only flAgS I represent is USA & CV Islands

Try to knock that out. I see in all colors, the Rainbow ain’t gay for me.

I even see black and white, y'all bitches are stuck on that grey zone,

Fukk it, I went inside  that too, I smoke so much my favorite cloud is grey.

I can afford cable, I have all the channels in too many rooms

& I am still stuck on Netflix & Amazon, was that the door belt?

Loyalty to Dior since before

I knew how to spell Coochie I mean Gucci.

I'm still Dior and that’s true loyalty,

hand stitching white jacket real Talent, that's me.

Yes Fashion did not let me in & yes I was too broke 

or I took too long to get to NYC. Went to Long Beach for College at 17Yrs old.

I started in July because this Bitch couldn't wait until September's High.

but I still love Dior since falling in Love with Dior, in California

and my roommate was from Fresno, California.

Our room was half Dior and half Tupac!!!!!, and that was Summer 02.

The Classic Dior 1905-1957 & I will always celebrate him. Loyal to him.

I wanted Fashion and I've been on plenty of runways and stages & front rows.

I got that high out of my system, Cocaine is what Hong Kong is on mostly

but I already got that out of my system,

one time &  it wasn’t for me, in Massachusetts. 

Y’all talking about Elevation but y’all still on the same shit

I got money, i got diamonds, i got cars, i got, i got, i got

We all know what Y’all First Albums got Y’all

And that’s the same shit you can still Afford today

So now, please come up with new Lyrics 

that would help People and the World.

me,me,me,y’all make me want to go pee pee pee 

With my Fat AZZ Puzzy, why would I worry about ass.

If Cardi is a dancer than I am the College hoe, yup

than I just married my Prince, my King, aka 

The Great Solomon and now I'm retired,yup

Y’all still working hard to support all your hoes & dancers,yup.

I'm “All of the Above” so I can handle hoes, dancers, & Queens, yup.

They all are my friends too, Niggas, yup.

Your baby Mamas are hoes too, what they got me, a Baby?

My Puzzy is still the tightest, with or without a new car.

What does a Canadian know about the true American Dodge?

Don't let that be reason I never let your Charge my Car, Bear-Goat.

The shaker, the hellcat, bee edition & the demon

A maserati, which I love is still not as loud as the

Fast and Furious Dodge Challenger, which we sold

since we was moving to NYC for my fashion job hunt but now

I’m living in fukking Hong Kong for my King & his Team & that’s Loyalty.

Hong Kong is Litty, I Love HK.

I could start bragging about my lifestyle 

but y’all taught me bragging ain’t shit,

here’s more food pics & wine pics.

How can I ever be hungry or thirsty,

when I’m looking like a Foodie & an Alcoholic.

What do you call that? Write a song about that.

I got homesick, Massachusetts USA so Hong Kong let me out to go visit.

I love my friendship with Hong Kong &

I am so in love with Hong Kong, plus no one at home had to cry for me,

they know that I will always showed up,

with or without money or Covid, or Honey.

They got me for life & my 3 weeks quarantine was a VIP 24/7 Club,

thank you to all my -- that got me off.

And The Great Solomon, honestly I don't need his D to come, get it,

Just saying he’s name, it’s like my water broke, Waterfall.

Yes I have top 10 that I want to visit since music Saves Lives,

but it also KILLS our Souls and our Spirits.

I think I was 19yrs, when I shot a gun in the house

but damn if you weren't there I can't tell the story to you.

I got hella / mad stories from East to West Coast, USA.

I just want to write, and have my brand, I mean live & be Angelina now.

If I did music, each song would be 20mins too long,

too hood, too real, & too Intelligent for y’all.

I am "All of the Above"

like my name is Maino & T-Pain but it's Angelina.

If y'all was already about it & already have it all

why is it that all you do is talk about it, 

What’s the matter all the money, fame, power 

and you're clearly still missing something Huge in your life.

I know all I'm missing is a Human Baby Angel.

Anyhow buy a cross chain maybe it will help you get close to God.

I know mine my cross makes me feel better but I love how you can't buy GOD.

You can never get in my school,your iq is too low

And your portfolio wasn’t good enough. 

I got eyes on Community College, Arts & Harvard before I die.

Your school don't have a degree, 

Don't confuse school of hard knocks with a College Institution.

Your bitches are your sons, what college taught you that?

I’m not a son, I'm God's daughter and mommy’s daughter.

I will be the first to rise y’all hoes, & the queen is still

acting like their slave dominatrix,

like they own you & pass you around like their appetizer to the World.

I don't see you standing on your own, Musically.

but why you still crying about the Machine that gave you that seat & power.

Your not a Queen until I say so, So stop acting like the same hoe,

Ain't none of you hoes look like the real Queen Yonce,

cause Lil Kim with always be my QueenB, trueee.

even if Y'all try, you can never spell Class,

probably spell it like A Z Z, can't even get that right.

Being a friend is your next best thing, & look at Me, Angelina stay shining.

Your still looking like a tiramisu dessert to me on a photoshop Moon &

all my friends know I don't like tiramisu, even though I love coffee, Kelly.

but it's want to be Barbie, and all of her Kellies.

I’ve been dramatic since broke, and I’m still broke compare to y’all

And I can still raise y’all and them,

or is it raise all of you better than them?

Personally I’m still fighting for Beyonce’s Oscar, I’m that dramatic.

None of y’all could ever play Beyonce on screen and get an Oscar for her, yup

Yes of course I still love B, she needs to remember light stands with Her,

fukk the tiny monsters Be yon ce, you don't need to be one of them

Your light is so much stronger, and don't you Ever forget that,

every Hero needs Hero and you taught me that,

A always blow down to that light but only that Light.


Being hood, gangster, & a monster is nothing to brag about.

I was all of that while I was trying to survive & overcome.

Why buy your squad a sport team, modern day gladiators

Why not brag how you paid for their education, or a home.

I keep my past folder in storage with all the other things I don't need,

Shit when I die I don't even want to be buried like the Egyptians Anymore.

Throw all that shit in the trash & Burn my Body on the Beach, Old School.

God has all my favorite things waiting in our house.

God’s daughter Angelina Not B, C, D or Z.

Your money is so long, go buy a vowel, A

I am All of the Above like my name is Maino & T-Pain

If I wanted to walk in music I would but  as an immigrant

choosing college is always the number one option, win or lose.

I'm Angelina. I have won & lost and I am only 36yrs old,

Thank you God for Life, for this opportunity & for continuing to help me grow and help me to relearn all that I have to relearn so one day I can represent you at your truest light as your Human Angel. Please continue to be with all of us human angels, Light. You are the one and only God, and we Human Angels will continue to suffer & celebrate on your behalf. God, Heaven, Angels, Light & Human Angels. 

Thank you for helping me to get on my way back to my true self, Angelina.

In Jesus name, Amen.

I love and miss y’all friends and family, I just wanted to say hello & goodbye.

Ride out

Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2021

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