Details of cleaning Mother Earth

Like the Covid Pandemic has taught us to do in life. Slow down, take inventory, brainstorm, take action and readjust what we must.

What must all humans have?

A home

Water, Food, Clothes

Medicine, Electricity

Slow down with Car, stop polluting (so many products productions that need to stop, you can't even sell the those that you have already so calm down and slow down) Do you really need to make more product, okay this is clearly another article... Focus on a  Public Transportation that  can connect all Nations together.

Oil, seriously everyone knows that's the Earth Blood, now her organs are moving on you, no shzt it will move on you. The plates of underwater volcanoes move so fast, trying to give Mother Earth the blood that she keeps losing from y’all no good kids (you know who you are). Go learn to be better kids to Mother Earth.

"Submarine volcanoes are underwater vents or fissures in the Earth's surface from which magma can erupt. Many submarine volcanoes are located near areas of tectonic plate formation, known as mid-ocean ridges. The volcanoes at mid-ocean ridges alone are estimated to account for 75% of the magma output on Earth"

--wikipedia ( I know can't count as a source, but that's my source today)

Diamonds,Stones, Rocks, Sand, put it back, she’s falling apart you azzholez. If you're killing Mother Earth, know this fact you will die long before she does, Assholez acting like some angry ass Alien Colony coming to Earth and getting mad ass fukk because GOD chosed us, EARTH. There’s no other planet like Earth. It's not our problem we are God’s favorite, get the fukk out of our Mother Earth, you hater. The sad truth is that there is no Anger Alien coming to kill us off, its our own kind coming to kill us off and using anything they can to distract us. 

People are Killing Earth, now how do you look? Who’s the anger alien now?Writting dumb azz books, blaming it on devil and GOD. Roll up your sleeves, get on the same page, all Nations. Stop putting holes on Earth, oil belongs to her, you're so smart, go Heal Earth without Killing her, accept that as a fukking challenge, Y’all love those.

-What must all homes have?

-What must all cities & towns need to have?

-What priority must each person have in that City?

Now that people's lives can improve? Who is paying for all of this?

-Education, everything is catered to the rich, so cater education to the poor too. If I was smart enough I would not be so stupid and act so out of character and education can help close the Gap.

-Equal Ocean Laws for all Countries / Nations

-All Lands must be cleaned up, especially in all the dirty poor areas

-Jail, just make a cell normal, and the human will start acting normal. I can redesign the jail system in one day, seriously, catch up already. Jail system is a Fail, it's your way to sweep all the nasty dust and secrets under the bed because you refuse to clean your dirty room. 


We can choose to leave it the way it is but all Countries, if you don't want to come together and stop with that “oh I want to be Miss Independent, and shzt”, then those Countries must be responsible for their own Land Clean Up, and take care of their own people. No, don't send your people to our clean land. Yes, I want the Great Wall Up. Y’all hate all the other Nations but it's those Nations that is inside your Countries feeding your people and cleaning your land because you refuse too. In the meantime, their own Nation are dying and starving and they could be home helping. Y’all don't appreciate anything. Work Together or Take Care of your own Fukking problems, but dont talk shzt, when the other Countries have the RIGHT TO NOT TAKE IN YOUR PEOPLE AND TAKE CARE OF THEM. IT'S THEIR RIGHT, ONLY BECAUSE YOUR NOT DOING YOUR FUKKING JOB IN OUR LANDS, in your Country. So decide, will you Join the Nations as One Nation in taking CARE OF LIFE & EARTH, or Keep your mess but dont send it to Us, CLEAN NATIONS, coming together for the greater good even though most of us don't like each other but so what, we showed up and if you don't want to show up with us. Seat down, and shut up. No one wants to hear you complaining that your people are dying.

And the rest of the World, you want to do something about it or save those people, go in and save them but don't pretend too. Y'all don't help these people, you take from them, they're lands, rights, food, n more. You want to them these people, go in and fukk up the government, put them in those nice vip jails we are talking about and help the people and animals and mammals, & plants/lands. 

-All Charities need to be redirected to their own Nations.

Example, USA: All charities, volunteers, must now focus only in the USA. You are a rich Nation, but you are so poor, use this time to take care of the PEOPLE & THE LAND. you help all other Nations,but your Country needs you the most right now. There should be no homeless person on the street ever. That should be ONE OF YOUR NEW LAWS. Now take that challenge, go clean your mess please. I can redesign the homeless system in one day, seriously, catch up already.

Here, on the other side we now have to decide are we going to come together as ONE NATION     

or                   s  t  a  y                 d  i  v  i  d  e   d

As in every Nation for themselves but all Nation will leave each other alone to live how they want to live. No War to each other, There’s a greater war than the human wars, calm down and be humble. You have a playground, go out, clean it and play on Earth. Let God be God, stop trying to be God. If Y’all humans don’t appreciate Earth, God’s GIFT to us ALL, then I’m going to start praying that God gives Earth to another Colony that would actually take care of it. You got me confused with Father, I'm not Father. I have never called a man daddy in my life. My human dad was a nice man, but he wasn’t in my life. I only call Mommy, Mommy. My Father has and always will be God, I don't care how you take it.

I'm not here to prove myself to you anymore. I have already done that. I got jokes, the best and worst. I am the nicest person you will ever meet, but don't take my light kindness for a fukking joke. Life is not a joke, and I am not Father. You’re not going to punch me around like you did to him. I appreciate & love Father so I don't have to fear him or life. Earth, life on earth is like heaven if you want it and if you clean it up. Why would you give up Earth? Would you give up on chasing stupid ass paper money?  Would you give up on your selfish ass goals? Why would you give up on Earth? Why would I give up on Earth? Let’s not give up on Earth and each other? How can we stop supporting those Nations that do not want to be part of the solution of putting people first. We stop doing business with them, Stop touring there, and more until they take responsibility for their own People and Land.

So decide are we going to come together as ONE NATION or stay divided, as in every Nation for themselves. It’s looking like that right now and how is that working out for everyone?

-New Animal Laws. Do you really need me to spend time on this and redesign it in one day? Don't do that to the animals and ocean life. Are you really afraid of animals, and mammals so much that you have to abuse them the way you do. Humans, deals with slavery. What do you call what humans do to the Animals? And your crying about slavery. If you really are crying about all those things, you would be crying for these creatures too. 


I need to come up with another word to describe their nightmare, called humans.


Rivers are full of trash, I don't care how you worship, or how much water companies have taken from you (why did you sell to them anyways? Why would you sell to a private company without locking in a contract for your people and the land). No humans should be allowed to swim or wash up in such rivers. 

Every country should have their own garbage system.

-New Children Laws, seriously you keep popping million of humans, yet there’s what feels like million to the second power = one trillion kids that are already misplaced in this World. Yes, take care of your kids, or have some type of birth control but TAKE CARE OF THE CHILDREN, ALREADY.

And many more things to focus on but I guess the best start is Awareness of for of us all on Earth.

Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2021

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