The rich & poor sacrifices but rebuild together

The powerful and the richest class make all the decisions about Earth. They are the class that would sacrifice their lifestyle and wealth. They are the class that would invest and donate to the middle and poor classes. Let’s be honest private companies have more wealth than governments. The rich on Earth play the biggest role in the shift of human lives, saving the ocean, the environment, and the animals. Therefore, for all the middle class (not the upper middle class because you are very rich) you must ask yourself what can be done by everyone or what role can everyone play in the shift of human lives along with Mother Earth.

Therefore, for all the poor class (not including the normal class because you are getting by just fine) you must ask yourself what can be done by everyone or what role can everyone play in the shift of human lives along with Mother Earth.

In life there are good people and bad people. Good rich people and bad rich people. Good poor people and bad poor people. There are good people and bad people. There are good spirits and bad spirits. Sometimes we are fighting this person, let’s call him T. Sometimes you are fighting T, the person and sometimes you are fighting an unknown spirit. This spirit knows you very well but since you're a human, you don't know anything about the spirit you're fighting with this person, call him T. Even this person, call him T, does not even realize why he is acting out of character. 

We need to stop pointing fingers to different classes and different nationalities and different Nations of Earth. Every Class can do something by doing their part because the way it's looking right now is very scary out here on Earth and has been for far too long. I don't see any other planets coming to our rescue. God shows us that Earth stands alone, no other planet like us. So now we know we have no choice but to work together. No choice but to come together. Everyone, look I don't care if you don't like each other. There’s so many people I don't even like. For me it's not how you look, it's about how you treat me and others around me. We don't have to like each other, but we have to learn to respect each other, or even love each other because how I look at it is to save humanity and Mother Earth, we all have to be on the same page. All the different classes and different nationalities and different Nations of Earth must help their own country become a better place by improving their own lives, than people’s lives, the lands, and the surrounding atmospheres. 

The bad people of Earth, will do what they do but let’s not focus on this. And let's not focus on the in between people because they will continue to be in between for their own reasons. Leave them alone. There’s 5 people in a room and a chair needs to be moved. If one person stands up and moves it then the job gets done.

The poor focus on surviving day to day and still not resting in peace. Poor people focus should be to take care of themselves, Know your surroundings and the reality of their lives. Make small goals and reach one small goal at a time. Who are you responsible for? If you're not responsible for anyone, fight for jobs, fight for education, and get it anyway you can. Watch out for the obstacles that will make your life harder and focus on eliminating those obstacles or stay as far away as you can from those obstacles. It's not worth it, you will live much longer than you think. We say all the time, ohh life is so short, and yes it is...Kinda. Listen life is very long, slow, & hard if you're struggling day to day. That’s just facts so yes, listen life is very short, fast, & easy but only if you have a normal life and the rest is a bonus. 

All the luxuries of life are just a bonus because of the hard work that goes in maintaining Mother Earth & each other. No one is saying to take away your materials, your currencies, or even your bad habits. You don't even have to have big dreams, you just have to get everyone on a normal life page. Everyone needs to be on the same page. Stop blaming left and right and take responsibility for your life, make it happen and push this World towards a better direction. 

Some people say that they are on zero or at the zero point, yet they have a place to live, running water to drink and take long showers and a normal bathroom with privacy. They have a job, clothes, food, medicine and a normal life. They go shopping and hang out with their friends. You are not on zero, you're on 30, 50, or even on 60 so stop saying you're on zero. You want to see what zero looks like, you want to get dropped off for a week where people accually live on zero.

A lot of people work their whole life trying to get to what y’all call zero. They just want a chance at a normal life. They are on negative sixty (-60), or negative fifty (-50), or negative thirty (-30) and if they are lucky enough to get a miracle to finally get to negative nine (-9). Some people say they are on zero but they have it all.

I think everyone will close the GAP OF HUMANITY by making education more accessible to all, We need more education to be completely reorganized. Education on Economics, Capitalism, Money, Trade, Investment, Stocks, Plant, Animal, Agriculture Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, the importance of Technology, and the importance of Human Responsibilities. By the time humans turn 18years old, they are still kids, babies that still need to be guided in life. By the time humans turn 25 years old, they should already not only learn, but must respectfully apply themselves with everything that they learned from a well respectful learned adult. Adults are running around acting like animals and you are just bitching about it but you are not giving kids and teenagers the right food for their body, mind, soul, and life. The land that was here before them and was well respected by and was well taken care of by the people or souls that were here before you or your kids arrived to this Earth,World,Life. 

We all must come to a realization that it will take about another 79 years for us to get there. If you minus 79 years, it was 1941. From 1941 to now, 2021 Black lives have improved dramatically. The peace around the world has improved, Women’s rights, sexuality freedom, body freedom, lifestyle freedom, the advancement of science,nature, and in human’s communication and interaction. Now we all can reach each other. There is no excuse. We have planes and cars, wings and wheels, and all the things that all the animals were not born with or have the pleasure to enjoy but humans have it all and we still can't clean our mess. We need to own our mistakes, own the fact that we had to learn as humans and get back on this Earth not Space. Everything is so easy now, you have it all so you are bored focusing on space and beyond. I want to see how far you get out there in space. Go send us a postcard. Earth is here to stay with or without stupid ass humans that don't want to own up that they are just that humans, and now that everyone knows better, we can start again where we need to start over and continue the things that's working for us and Mother Earth. We are clearly not starting from zero, but we clearly are intelligent enough to know that there's only few or one road to take if you want to actually do it right. 

We all must come to a realization that it will take about another 79 years for us to get there. If you add 79 years, it will be 2100. Let’s take the next 79 years to invest in ourselves, our family, our friends, and everything Earth. Space will still be there 79 years from now but can you imagine how much farther humanity will get. I think everyone will close the GAP OF HUMANITY by making a 79 years commitment or call it “ The 2100 Cease Fire” or “The 2100 World-Unification Commitment. We can call it whatever we want to call it but the rich & poor sacrifices but rebuild together.

Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2021

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